3 Options a Construction Worker Can Take after an On-Site Accident

Even with extra precautions, accidents still happen. With the nature of their work, construction workers are one of the most vulnerable sectors when it comes to work-related accidents. The most common causes of accidents in construction sites are trench, ladder, and scaffolding collapse, falling from heights, electric shock, malfunctioning tools, and errors from co-workers, among others. These may cause simple bruises to debilitating conditions and even death.

In Canada, the construction industry is the deadliest occupation in 2017, which means that it has the highest number of fatalities compared to other industries. Manitoba, New Territories, and British Columbia are the Top 3 provinces with the most lost time injury frequency. It is really good news that Vancouver accident lawyers are helping construction workers gain fair compensation for on-site slip and fall injuries.

Accidents will not only give you bruises and scars, or pain and broken bones. You will need to pay for your medical expenses also. And that does not end there because you need time to recuperate first, which means you will be unproductive for days or even weeks or months. In this case, you truly need to hire a construction attorney who will let you understand these three options.

construction Worker’ Compensation Claim

A worker’s comp is an agreement between a worker and the employer that in case of accidents, the employer shall be responsible for the medical benefits and wage replacement so the worker will not file any legal action against the employer. If a worker knows his rights and decides to use this option, he may not need to hire a construction attorney. All he has to do is review the terms and conditions of the agreement so that all provisions will be followed to the T.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you had an accident because you think that safety was not provided, was not met, or there was a lack of action, you may do away with your worker’s compensation claim. Instead, you should hire a construction attorney to help you with a personal injury lawsuit. Accordingly, any entity that has a role in decision-making in a construction site is required by law to provide safety to workers.

attorneyProduct Liability Lawsuit

When a worker is injured by some defective construction equipment and materials, then the manufacturer of these products is liable for the injuries. In this case, you need the best construction attorney to be able to get the compensation you deserve.

Going through a work-related injury lawsuit can add to the physical, mental, and emotional pain you are undergoing. But when justice is served at the end, you will surely be happy you with your decision.

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