How Much Can One Earn With Nu Skin Company?

Nu Skin company is a multilevel marketing company that develops and sells dietary supplements as well as personal care products. The truth is that, through Nu Skin business model, thousands and thousands of people globally are in gainful employment. Numerous business people are paying their bills by doing business with Nu skin as distributors or sales persons working under distributors. But, how much can you earn with Nu Skin company? Nu Skin positive company reviews will tell you more. Well, no standard amount can be placed as an individual’s earning. What one earns is affected by several factors. No wonder some are raking in millions of dollars while others are earning just tens of dollars.

Parameters that might dictate what you earn from Nu skin

Number of customers

The value of sales one can realize has a grand bearing as to how much he earns. In fact, the best formula to enhance one’s earnings is by working hard to increase the size of the customer pool by acquiring more customers. Needless to say, whether you’re Nu’s distributor or working under a distributor, one of the best ways to ensure you increase your revenue is by going after new customers.

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The market will never run short of new customers. Two identical distributors who have completely different approach to attracting customers will indeed earn significantly different amounts of income. All factors held constant, the aggressive distributor who is out to market and attracts new customers will earn a higher amount than the less aggressive one.

Number of sales team

Once you’ve joined Nu Skin as a distributor, the company allows you to recruit more distributors under your name. The best class of people to start with as distributors’ under your banner are perhaps your customers, family, and friends. Any dollar worth of an item sold by anybody under your name tag guarantees you a percentage of income regarding commission.

Thus the more people who are recruited under an individual name, the more the earnings. The net spreads wider as more and more people are recruited by the ones you recruit. Thūs, it’s reasonable to say that an aggressive distributor who’s ever recruiting more distributors will earn more than the one who sits around waiting for customers to walk in. The more expanded team of distributors you have the more money you earn.


Nu Skin products are retailed at different prices in different locations around the globe. Nu skin as a company doesn’t have strict control under over its hundreds of thousands of distributors. This means that where there are several distributors, competition is stiff and at times there are even price wars aimed at attracting or snatching one another’s customers. Distributors operating under such an environment can’t realize as many earnings as the one dominating or operating solely in some market thousands of miles away.

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Established customer service center

The general reasoning that’s out there is that customer service is just an additional cost center that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Most companies reason that it should be minimized. Whereas this might be true in some other business, with Nu Skin distributors, it’s a different case altogether. Customers always ask questions, seek clarifications and most importantly lodge complaints.