Why Choose Escape Room Atlanta

At Escape Room Atlanta, you are in for a unique and thrilling experience. You get the opportunity to test your intelligence, resourcefulness, and creativity by trying to escape from locked rooms together with your classmates, colleagues, and friends. In fact, all rooms offer amazing scenarios like escaping from a serial killer or escaping from theft gone wrong. Learn more about their escape games here. The following are some of the top reasons to choose Time to Escape Atlanta:

Situations and scenarios

You will get the opporunderground escape roomtunity to experience various scenarios and situations. With your friends, you can escape from different rooms. Every room provides a unique atmosphere and scenario. For instance, you may be part of a team of bank robbers that need to escape from cops before getting there. On the other hand, you may be great guys that want to stop a serial killer from committing crimes again. There are also tombs you need to crack mystery to find. The good thing about these rooms is that they have a unique atmosphere that presents the current scenario in the best way possible. This gets your heart running. Also, you will have to work under pressure as you have limited time to escape.

Group activity

You should gather all your colleagues and friends as you have no option but to work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape the room. There is nothing wrong going with all your friends. However, there is a maximum number of people allowed in the room depending on size and the activity involved.

Test your skills

You may thinkunderground escape room you are smart. In fact, you know you are, but you need to prove it by escaping from a room in stipulated time. Every correct answer offers you the following clue until you find the correct keys and escape. As much as basics sound to be quite easy, there are several traps and twists involved. For instance, you have limited time to escape. If you are unable to escape and the time expires, you will be let out. Well, this does not appear like escaping!

You should note that escape rooms are quite tricky for owners and players alike. This is because the business model itself presents a lot of hurdles. Every room ought to be played just once. Also, real estate can be quite pricey as teams destroy a lot of things in search of clues every week.