Tips for healthy deep frying


Many people are huge fans of deep fried foods. Well, who doesn’t want to eat French fries, banana chips, bacon, prawn crackers, buffalo wings, or fish & chips? I bet you wouldn’t raise your hands and say no to these crispy and delicious foods. But did you know that deep frying has its downside too?

When you deep fry anything, you need to use a lot of oil, and as we all know, excessive grease on the foods that we eat can cause serious health conditions like heart diseases, increase in cholesterol level, obesity, and cancer among others.

Is there a healthy way to deep fry?

deep frying chickenLike what was mentioned above, deep frying and the use of too much oil has disadvantages. But this does not mean that you can no longer eat fried chicken and other similar foods. The good news is, there are several ways in which you can fry and cook your favorite dishes in a healthier way. Here are some useful tips:

Use the right type of oil

Cooking oils come from plant and animal sources. Some of the most commonly used oil are from corn, soybean, coconut, canola or rapeseed, palm, olives, and animal fats. Out of all these, olive oil is well-known because of its healthy benefits especially when it comes to the heart. So, if you want to ensure that you are eating a healthy meal, particularly fried foods, it is highly recommended that you choose the right type of oil.

Invest in a good cooking equipment

resting a friend dishWhen we say invest in a good cooking equipment, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive cooking ware or kitchen utensils. What you need to do is to look at the different frying pans on the market and buy one that would allow you to cook healthily. As much as possible, look for something that would help you minimize, or better yet, eliminate the need for cooking oil.

Do we have such cooking ware? Yes, we do. Through the utilization of the modern technology, we now have the heißluftfritteuse or a hot air fryer. This device uses hot air to cook your food as it maintains the crispiness and brownish color on the outside.

Test of hot airfryer – The best guide to choosing the best heißluftfritteuse

The heißluftfritteuse is actually the most popular cooking device these days because it allows every homeowner to deep fry in a healthier way than utilizing a regular pot or pan. In order for you to choose the best brand, you should check out and view the comparison of the various brands and models on the test of hot air fryers.